The Meeting at Wannsee and the Murder of the European Jews - Exhibition Catalogue in English or Hebrew

Editors: Dr Elke Gryglewski, Dr Hans-Christian Jasch, David Zolldan. Layout: Christine Kitta. Berlin 2020. 248 p., including an English transcript of the protocol.

Also available in Hebrew, including a Hebrew transcript ot the protocol.

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Catalogue of the new permanent exhibition (2020)
Catalogue of the new permanent exhibition (2020)

On 20 January 1942, fifteen senior representatives of the Nazi regime meet in the Berlin suburb of Wannsee to discuss the murder of millions of European Jews. The killing has already begun by the time of this "meeting followed by breakfast". The participants - members of the SS, the Nazi Party and various ministries - coordinate the planning, organisation and implementation of the deportations and murder. The significance of the so-called Wannsee Conference for the bureaucratically-organised mass murder is documented in a permanent exhibition that opened in 2020 and was created using Design for All.

This catalogue reproduces selected documents and photos from the exhibition to demonstrate that many institutions and individuals were involved in the mass murder. It illustrates some of the ways in which the crimes and the historic site were dealt with after the war, as well as their significance for the present.

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