Guided tours through the permanent exhibition

Staff members of the Memorial and Educational Site offer guided tours through the exhibition that shows the persecution and murder of the European Jews. They explain the Wannsee Conference in its historical context and answer questions from visitors. Guided tours for groups must be booked in advance. When booking the tour interested visitors can suggest a focal point for the guided tour.

  • The tour takes 90-120 minutes. Adults with own income are charged a fee of 2 EURO per person.
  • Guided tours are offered in Dutch, German, English, French, Hebrew, Italian, Polish and Russian.
  • Only staff members are allowed to give tours in the exhibition.
  • The exhibition is bilingual (German, English). Individual visitors who need other languages can use the catalogues of the permanent exhibition. Catalogues are available in the following languages:
    • Hebrew with all the objects and the complete text of the exhibition,
    • Dutch,
    • French,
    • Greek,
    • Polish,
    • Spanish with introductory texts and selected exhibits from all rooms of the exhibition,
    • Italian with the Wannsee Protocol and other documents and comments concerning the Wannsee Conference.

An audio guide in English, German and Hebrew can be borrowed at the reception (3,00 EUR).n.

update: 12.12.2015