Topics of Seminars and Study Days

The following list contains suggestions for topics examining specific aspects of the history of the National Socialist crimes against the Jews and contemporary treatment of this history. Individual points can be varied and combined to correspond with the interests of participants.

Content descriptions of a number of study days are available on pdf files (see topic titles). Content descriptions of the remaining study days will be made available in the future.

Judaism and Jewish Life in Europe prior to 1933

Jews under the National Socialist regime

The establishment of Nazi-dictatorship and its consequences for German Jews

  • Discrimination and "Aryanisation" in Nazi Germany

Anti-Semitism in the National Socialist Propaganda Films: "Der ewige Jude" and "Jud Süß"

  • Jewish self-help, self-assertion and resistance
  • Emigration, escape, expulsion, and exile
  • The November Pogrom (“Reichskristallnacht”) and international reactions

Dictatorship and daily life under National Socialism

  • Antecedents and the development of the National Socialist ideology in the 19th and 20th centuries
  • Propaganda and media
  • The churches in the National Socialist state

Youth in National Socialism – Integrated or excluded and criminalized
Concentration camps from the perspective of both prisoners and the SS

  • Persecution and extermination of Sinti and Roma

The Aftermath of the Nazi Regime in Politics and Society since 1945

Dealing with National Socialism in Germany since 1945

  • The landscape of remembrance in Berlin
  • Memorials and the conflicts of memory in Germany

Dealing with 20th century mass crimes promoted by states

  • Comparative investigations of 20th century genocides: goals, methodology, challenges
  • The international comparative debate on the consequences of dictatorships

Preparation for study tours

  • Preparing for study tours to Israel: the meaning of the Shoah for Israel’s society
  • Preparing for tours to Polish memorial sites
  • Preparing for study tours to Terezin (Theresienstadt)

Methodological Workshop

  • Using photos as historical sources.