Joseph Wulf Library

The Joseph Wulf Library collects books, periodicals, film and audio recordings on subjects relevant to the memorial and educational site. The collection is available to seminar groups and visitors free of charge.

Most holdings are freely accessible. In addition to current research literature, they include historical sources, survivor accounts, memorial books, regional history studies and educational material – in various languages and forms (print, digital, film).

Focus of the Collection

  • History and culture of European Jewry
  • Persecution and murder of the Jews in Europe and other victim groups 
  • National Socialist society 
  • Resistance and exile
  • Culture of remembrance and coming to terms with the Nazi past after 1945
  • Antisemitism, racism, right-wing extremism


You are welcome to visit our library and use our resources from Monday to Friday (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) 

Our books can be borrowed over the weekend. Films can be watched at the library, but due to copyright reasons cannot be borrowed or copied. 

Individual and group workspaces (with free WIFI), copy machines and scanners are available.

Films can be watched at the library, but due to copyright reasons cannot be borrowed or copied.

Current Information

Secondary literature with “m” signatures accessible again

Secondary sources from our depot are available again. An item from our depot can be recognized by its signature, which is followed by the letter “m” and an additional number in parentheses, for example “C.5.4 Poliakov Poli (m008239)”.

Library Internships

We offer internships as part of vocational training (FaMI) or specialised studies (library and information studies). We look forward to your application!


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