Permanent Exhibition

In nine rooms, the exhibition "The Meeting at Wannsee and the Murder of the European Jews" presents the history of exclusion, definition and classification that culminated in the systematic deportations and genocide – through the prism of the meeting at Wannsee.

The memorial site and garden are closed until April 19 due to the Corona pandemic.

The exhibition explains what antisemitism is, how it developed before the genocide and to what degree it still exists today. It describes the experiences of Jews from different European countries. It shows the criminal prosecution of the participants after 1945 and how society reflected on the actions taken during the Nazi era.

The history presented is important today when we negotiate how we want to shape our society. For this reason, we want as many people as possible to be able to visit and understand the exhibition: People who, as part of this society, shape the present or who bear political responsibility through their professions. This is why our exhibition is presented in the »Design for All« style.

The catalog "The Meeting at Wannsee and the Murder of the European Jews" will soon be available in English.