Living Memorials

International Exchange Project

Special Exhibiton in English at the House of the Wannsee Conference, opening March 27, 2022

An international group of experts, teachers, artists and students involved in the Holocaust commemoration and remembrance work, explore the concept of "living memorials" and how it may enrich international youth encounters from a multidisciplinary perspective (history, art, philosophy, poetry, ...), via local on-site meetings as well as digital exchange.

The two memorial and educational sites chosen for the project - the House of the Wannsee Conference in Berlin and places in and around Novogrudok linked to the Jewish Bielski Partisans - provide a rich source for the comparative exchange of expertise on international youth encounters: While, on the one hand, we have a "site of the perpetrators", central to the planning/theoretical origins for the deportation and murder of European Jews, the second sites illustrate an emblematic case of its subsequent practical repercussions in Eastern Europe through one of the most succesful stories of Jewish Resistance in WWII.

Living Memorials (English version)

Video on the project "Living Memorials", 2022 (Vimeo)

Living Memorials (German Version / Deutsch)

Video zum Projekt "Living Memorials", 2022