"We will need to rebuild"

In the aftermath of the terror attack in Israel on October 7 we spoke with our project partner Inbar Chotzen in Israel. We had an appointment for the laying of a stumbling stone for a member of her family on October 10 in Berlin - but due to the attack Inbar did not leave for Germany. See the English recording of our Zoom talk here.

Excerpt from the interview on what a Shoah memorial could do right now to help the people in Israel:

Inbar Chotzen: "One of the largest volunteer groups now, during the war, they were like the top demonstrators [against the government's justice reform] and now they are doing their best, they are volunteers, and maybe, if you would, we will put the link to the organisation, "Brothers in Arms", at the end of this interview. They would need your contribution."


Donate to Brothers in Arms

"Our volunteers have created Israel’s largest depot of donated goods, and are making countless trips, distributing supplies and in many cases extracting civilians."

Inbar Chotzen: "Or you can think individually of ways you can help. And it will take some time. So it is not a short term help that we would need. It will be longer, even after the war is over we will need to rebuild all these kibbuzim because this is a large part of Israel. A lot of agriculture is there. And we will have to rebuild this part of the country."